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Our products focus not simply on cosmetic aspects, but on renewing response and cellular nutrition of the skin. The primary goal of the Vibrational Beauty™ system is balance. Inner balance leads to lasting outer beauty. Our mission was to create products that are gentle, pure and healthy for the skin. Each product has a high ionic charge with a combination of 80 minerals, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium topping the list. Our moisturizers contain collagen to firm the skin and are further enhanced by a compilation of gem essences in rainwater, which provide unique healing energies

Esthetic Equipment

The VBT System is comprised of: the VB1000 Esthetic Stimulator, Color/Light Probe System, Neck Bar Probe set and the VBT line of all-natural ionic skin products. Vibrational Beauty Therapy is a revolutionary new system of facial rejuvenation that offers a preferred alternative to other more invasive and expensive treatments.
NOTE:  The VB1000 is sold only to practitioners.  Please contact the Sale Manager toll free for complete details on how you can get started with the VB1000 – 1-888-803-7397

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Vibrational Beauty Skin Care Products

Vibrational Beauty Cleanser
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Vibrational Beauty Renewal Mist
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